What's important when hiring a professional appraiser?

  • Local Competence and Professional Standards
  • Extensive Experience
  • Educational Qualifications
  • Insurability
  • Promptness and Integrity
  • Accuracy and Impartial Objectivity



Serving Muskoka,
Parry Sound, and Orilla

 It cannot be emphasized strongly enough that Muskoka and the surrounding municipalities are unique. Sometimes there is little uniformity in value between the east and west, north and south sides of the district. For example the demographics can differ dramatically between lakes contributing to wide differentials in value. Years of experience will contribute to this knowledge. An experienced evaluator, possibly from another community, can easily be inaccurate on this issue.

The question of who in the field of making valuation judgments does the best job always creates lively debate. Why would a client hire someone with the academic credentials but with little related experience? We have lengthy history appraising cottages, golf courses, marinas and in town commercial. The list is endless.
 If the appraiser has had an active real estate career while doing appraisal work, would it be an asset?

The answer would
be an absolute YES!
We do both.