Founded in 1977, Kitchen & Company has been conducting insured professional valuation
for all types of real property: residences, cottages, condos, land, commercial, industrial, marinas, golf courses and hotels.

Wayne Kitchen
Wayne Kitchen, AACI, P.App

About Kitchen & Company Appraisal Services

With a staff of 4 candidate appraisers and Wayne Kitchen, competence at a professional level is assured. All reports are signed and certified by both a staff appraiser and Wayne, the accredited member. On more complicated and intensive assignments the properties are inspected and completed by both.

It is compulsory that our appraisal staff maintain active membership in the Appraisal Institute of Canada. To become a new member of our staff, the education prerequisite is an undergraduate university degree acceptable to the standards of the University of British Colombia. New candidates are required to complete annual courses to fulfill their requirements for an eventual professional designation. An average length of time for a CRA completion is 5 years, and an AACI is 7-8 years.

As a member of AIC we are required to adhere to the highest standards – “Canadian Uniform Standard of Professional Practice” – when performing property valuation. Liability insurance for failures on compliance is compulsory to protect the publics interest. The client deserves to have the highest level of service with unbiased integrity.

Being a successful Realtor since 1980 benefits Wayne Kitchens ability to be an accurate appraiser. Market awareness is enhanced when working hands on with the public on listings and sales.